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Four Writing Lessons

Persuasive Letter

Sensory Description

Report The News

Write A Scary Story

MISSION: Helping ALL children write quality compositions before leaving 5th grade

PERSUASIVEavailable now

TV game show— Best Persuasive Letter.  Students apply 5 keys to persuasion in a letter they write urging parents to buy a puppy. Convincing letters win play time with a virtual puppy.

DESCRIPTIVE – available now

Students choose vivid sensory words and similes supporting a main impression as they build a blog post about an exciting day with some friends at the beach.


Students play the role of  news reporters for their school website, covering a topic of interest to children. They present the facts and arguments in the strongest order.

NARRATIVE – in development

A haunted house is just the place for a scary SETTING, twisty CHARACTERS, an event TRIGGERING a PLOT rising to a CLIMAX and a credible RESOLUTION.


Interactive Learning Game

Video Preview

Persuasive Writing

Teacher Guide

“Win Them Over!”



Descriptive Writing Game

Video Preview

Descriptive Writing

Teacher Guide


“Sharing Personal Experiences”

Full Interactive Game


Personalized Learning

Teachers can shift time from whole-class instruction to personalized learning.
• While some students are occupied with learning games, the teacher can coach small groups or individuals.
• Grade 2-3 lessons are available for Grade 4-5 students who are working at lower grade levels.

Saves Teacher Time

Teacher time is saved in planning, instruction, and evaluation.

♦  Detailed lesson plans include learning outcomes and step-by-step strategies.
♦  The basic concepts of each composition lesson provide templates for additional lessons on the same genre.
♦  Games are self-scoring.
♦  Checklists and “how to” videos enable students to revise and edit their own compositions.

Teacher Support Materials

Teachers may draw upon a rich array of learning materials, including mini-lessons, graphic organizers, and short video tutorials.

Teacher guide: Persuasive Writing

Teacher guide: Descriptive Writing


Information coming soon, pending results of classroom tests.

Program Highlights

Common Core Alignment

Lessons are aligned with Common Core standards. Content emphasizes higher-level thinking, internet competence, peer collaboration and multimedia skills.  learn more_button-small




Game-Based Learning

The eWriting for Kids! program is in the vanguard of a new era deploying game-based lessons to help teachers deliver highly engaging interactive writing lessons within the actual time available, and provide online lessons anytime, anywhere.

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Lesson Design

• Each lesson flows together in two separate sections, GAME-BASED learning software and INDEPENDENT WRITING.
• Lesson are structured on the five-step writing process: Pre-writing; First Draft; Revising; Editing; and Publishing.
• Game-based software, after modeling effective writing methods, engages students in interactive challenges applying the methods. Immediate feedback reinforces learning.
• Each game concludes with a springboard to independent writing. Peer collaboration is encouraged.
• Rewards, including fun videos to watch and achievement certificates and badges, heighten student engagement, provide recognition, and illustrate progress.
• The basic concepts of each composition lesson provide templates for additional lessons on the same genre.learn more_button-small







Grades 2 - 3 Lessons

Grade 2 and 3 lessons addressing composition concepts and skills are scaffolded into Grade 4 and 5 lessons built on the five-step writing process.learn more_button-small





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Read real reviews and comments about eWriting For Kids!

This is an AMAZING Game!
I love it (Win Them Over!) and so do the children I have tried it with.

Stephen R. - United Kingdom

A fun 3D game (Win Them Over!) used to teach writing. The game is engaging and innovative. Strengths: Innovative, teaches writing (which is rare to find) Free, Instructor Resource/Support provided. Self-paced, can be used in formal and informal settings. I think it is great that while everyone is developing STEM teaching games, this game realizes the importance of writing. I have seen a decline in writing skills among students and I feel this game is a great way to tackle issues such as poor communication skills in our youth.

Judge feedback, SIIA CODiE Awards 2017

The value is nearly immeasurable. I had a more than a few kids come up and say either ``Hey, that was (writing) actually fun!`` or ``I like writing when I can write about what I want.`` The best feature was allowing the children to discover their strengths and weaknesses regarding Descriptive Writing. It improves grammar, reading skills, and of course allows the kids to further expand on their imagination and creativity.
* Comments after 16 Girls and Boys Tested ``Sharing Personal Experiences``.

Sean W. - Youth Development Professional
Boys and Girls Club