Writing Crisis


“American education will never realize its potential as an engine of opportunity and economic growth until a writing revolution takes place in the classroom.”

-The Neglected “R”—the need for a Writing revolution


2002—72% of 4th Graders fail to achieve proficiency in NAEP writing tests.

2007—“students performing at or above the Proficient level show no significant change.”

2011—No improvement.

2015—Writing is dropped from the tests.

60% of entering college freshmen require remedial writing courses; most of them wind up dropping out.  The consequence, especially for at-risk students, is a career-ceiling of low-paying hourly jobs.

The key to the “writing revolution” is no secret.  Two national writing panels, nine years apart, gave precisely the same top recommendation:  increased classroom time.   But, teachers face a major roadblock:

``There is not enough time in the school day to devote an hour each day to writing instruction.``

- US Department of Education, 2012

However, today online technology presents an unprecedented way to help meet this challenge— delivering the right lesson to the right student at the right time.

``Online learning allows schools to extend learning time by providing students with learning on demand anytime and anywhere, dramatically expanding educational opportunities without increasing time spent in school.``

-National Education Technology Plan Exec. Summary pp. x, 70

The eWriting for Kids! learning game is in the vanguard of this new era in writing instruction.